Master Multifamily Mortgages: What Do Investors Need To Know?

Recently, Scott Williams spoke with a group of investors in New York. At the event hosted by Jonathan Twombly, multifamily mortgages were discussed in detail based on Scott’s experience as Managing Director of Aline Capital. Mr. Twombly is a successful multifamily investor, real estate investment coach, and host of The Real Estate Launchpad Podcast.

In the presentation, Scott explained to investors how pairing the correct loan program to their investor business plan is critical in maximizing their return. To summarize, the 4 primary points to consider for your correct loan program are:

  • HOLD PERIOD. How long will you own the asset?
  • VALUE ADD. Do you plan for light value-add or deep value-add?
  • RETURNING CAPITAL. When do you need to return capital to investors?
  • PREPAYMENT. Managing this aspect can make or break a deal!


Keep an eye out for future blog posts that will expand on some of these topics!

Picture of Scott Williams (left) and Jonathan Twombly (right)
Scott Williams (left) and Jonathan Twombly (right)

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