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Multifamily Property

Forest City, NC

$1,218,000 Cash-Out Refinance

Transaction Details:

Aline Capital is pleased to announce the closing of the cash-out refinance of a 30-unit multifamily complex in Forest City, NC. As our clients bought the building with cash in 2020, they did a great job of improving and stabilizing the asset. With their improvements, Aline was able to source an Agency loan taking all of the hard equity out of the deal. The loan returned capital to the Sponsors while also providing proceeds to improve the property. The non-recourse loan was structured with 5 years of interest only and a 30-year amortization, providing maximum cash flow moving forward. It is great to see the Agencies continue to step up and solve for cash flow in a volatile rate environment. Congrats to our clients on the successful execution of the business plan!


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