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What we do

Welcome to Aline Capital’s leasing division, where the intersection of physical space and business potential is our primary focus.

Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, our expertise spans the spectrum of office, retail, and mixed-use assets throughout the Southeast.

Understanding the Leasing Ecosystem:
Every property, be it single or multi-tenant, holds a unique ecosystem of businesses. These aren’t merely coexisting entities; they’re interdependent, thriving on the collective strength and harmony of different ventures. Recognizing this, our team delves deep to understand the nuances and potentials of each space and how businesses can flourish within.

Maximizing Value for All:

Our understanding doesn’t stop at space alone. Driven by our robust investment sales platform, our Advisors are equipped with an in-depth grasp of investment real estate. We work tirelessly to see the bigger picture – how can we drive maximum value for landlords while ensuring tenants get spaces that align perfectly with their business vision? The answer lies in our holistic approach, one that combines our knowledge of design evolution with practical real estate investment insights.

Our key services

Landlord Representation:

Strategic solutions to enhance property value, secure reputable tenants, and ensure optimal lease terms.

Tenant Representation:

Assisting businesses in finding the right space, negotiating favorable lease terms, and ensuring a seamless move-in process.

Market Analysis:

Detailed insights into current leasing trends, rates, and opportunities in the Southeastern US.


Transaction Type

Navigating the vast landscape of real estate transactions can be complex. At Aline Capital, we understand the nuances and unique considerations of each transaction type, ensuring our clients are well-informed and positioned for success.

Here’s breakdown of the various real estate transaction types in we specialize in:

Our process

1. Landlord Rep:

Representing landlords is more than just filling vacancies. We strategically position the property in the market, identify ideal tenants, and negotiate lease terms that optimize the property’s value and ensure steady revenue streams.

2. Tenant Rep:

Tenants need a space that aligns with their business goals, budget, and future growth. We advocate for tenants, ensuring they secure spaces that fit their needs, and negotiate lease terms that are favorable and flexible.

3. Single-tenant:

These are properties leased to one tenant, offering stability and a straightforward landlord-tenant relationship. We assist in identifying high-quality tenants, ensuring consistent rental income and simplified property management.

4. Multi-tenant:

Properties with multiple tenants present unique challenges and opportunities. We assist owners in curating a mix of tenants that complement each other, ensuring a harmonious ecosystem and maximizing rental yield.

5. Build-to-suit:

We facilitate the process where a landlord constructs a building tailored to a tenant’s specifications. From identifying the right location to overseeing construction and finalizing lease agreements, we ensure a seamless transition.

6. Sales Leaseback:

An arrangement where a business sells its property and then leases it back from the buyer. This strategy frees up capital for the business while ensuring they can continue to operate from the same location. We help negotiate these deals, ensuring they are mutually beneficial.

7. Adaptive Reuse:

We assist investors and businesses in repurposing existing structures, transforming them into functional spaces that meet current market demands. Adaptive reuse is a sustainable approach to real estate development.

Our team is well qualified no matter what:

Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a growing business, or a property owner, understanding the intricacies of these transaction types is crucial. At Aline Capital, we’re here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring optimal outcomes for your real estate endeavors.

We want to get to work for you. Let’s get started.

Partner with us to navigate the complexities of commercial real estate. Get in touch today to explore how our expertise can unlock the full potential of your real estate investments.

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